What to expect from your facial treatments at Aesthetique Clinics

After a detailed medical and social history, we will complete an in-depth assessment of your skin and affecting factors. This allows us to provide you with a bespoke treatment for your individual needs.




We start by removing all of the dirt and grease from the outer surface of the skin, to allow us the best base on which to treat your skin. Toning your skin helps prepare it for your facial session.




Heated steam soothes your face and helps to open your pores, and advanced specific extractions target blocked pores and blackheads. Your skin is becoming clearer and clearer.




The most appropriate mask for you can be placed, to help hydrate and invigorate your skin. We can also provide further additions, including advanced eye treatments. You'll also enjoy a relaxing neck and shoulder massage while we let the mask work. 




We'll make sure you know exactly what to do when you leave, and we'll be there for every step of the way, even after you leave. Our goal is for you to leave refreshed, relaxed, with beautiful skin... and the knowledge of how to maintain it!




Janssen Cosmetics' Cosmeceuticals at Aesthetique Clinics are care system products based on multiple, highly-effective, efficient active substances and enable the transition between pure beauty and scientifically based skin care.

Cetuem Cosmetics at Aesthetique Clinics are British made cosmetic products made on a philosophy of the essence of nature combined with the technology of science.