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At Aesthetique Clinics, we strongly believe in massage therapy as an essential treatment to maintain wellbeing and a healthy body. The art of massage dates back thousands of years BC, and is even depicted in Egyptian paintings. It has been associated hand-in-hand with therapeutic medicine, and is considered a staple treatment in the prevention of many body problems. 

Benefits of professional massage

Massage counteracts the imbalances caused from prolonged sitting at work and home.
Massage eases and relieves muscle pain by improving circulation and removing toxins.
Massage soothes anxiety and depression through the therapeutic human touch of a professional therapist, allowing pure relaxation and bliss.
Massage improves and encourages a restful sleep, by allowing the body to de-stress and unwind.
Massage relieves tension headaches, evidence from the Granada University in Spain has shown.

Our massage therapists are experts in a wide range of disciplines of massage, and will work with you to choose the best massage for your individual needs. Many first-timers will choose a swedish-style full body massage to ease themselves in, and can then progress to more advanced deep-tissue and sports massages which help to target specific muscular problems you may wish us to treat.

We see massage as not just a way to pamper yourself, but as an incredible part of your wellness regimen to maintain a healthy body and healthy mind.

Get in touch, and let us take care of you!

Massage Therapy Prices


Back Massage 
Full Body Massage
Indian Head Massage




30 Minutes
60 Minutes

30 Minutes

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