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Cetuem Cosmetics at Aesthetique Clinics are British-made cosmetic products made on a philosophy of the essence of nature combined with the technology of science.

  • Thermo Marine (1hr)

    • ​Intensively moisturises, revitalises & refreshes

  • Balancing pH Facial * (1hr) 

    • Highly Recommended*

    • Deep cleansing, ideal for eczema/psoriasis/acne

  • Illuminating (1hr)                   

    • Helps to eliminate pigmentation and freckles

  • Collagen Rejuvenescene (1hr) 

    • Helps diminish lines and restore skin elasticity

  • Ultimate Bespoked (1hr 30) 

    • Highly Recommended*

    • Face, eye, neck and decollete treatment personalised for you.

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