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What is Acne?


Acne is a common disorder which can affect anyone, but often presents in teens and young adults. It can be a persistent and upsetting condition for people to live with, and can really affect their confidence and quality of life. 

Acne presents in many areas of the body, including the face, neck, back, chest and shoulders. It can present in many different ways including whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules and nodules.

It is believed that acne is linked to, and is triggered by specific hormonal sensitivities. Patients who suffer from severe acne will likely already be seeing their GP and a specialist dermatologist, and treatments can range from lifestyle changes, to topical and systemic medications. 

Types of Acne Scarring

One of the biggest problems for acne sufferers is the scarring that can develop and remains long after their spots have gone. This is a result of the bodies natural defence and healing mechanism, which can result in unsightly scars. These can really affect a patient's self confidence and are difficult to cover up with makeup. There are different types of scarring:


  • Boxcar

    • Broad depressions with sharply defined edges

  • Icepick

    • Deep narrow-pitted scars

  • Rolling

    • Broad depressions with sloping edges

  • Hypertrophic (keloid)

    • Thick lumpy outward projections

Acne scarring

Treatment of acne scars with micro needling (and PRP)

At Aesthetique Skin Clinics, we have many clients who present with acne scarring. We have introduced our medical grade micro-needling system to our treatment list, in order to target and treat acne scars.

Microneedling is a safe course of treatment which involves the use of high-speed micro needles into the outer surface of the skin. This create small channels which allow our hyaluronic acid based serum to go into the lower layers of the skin. This combination of micro-trauma and application of serum into the skin forces the body to re-heal itself. 

Platelet Rich Plasma - PRP

Micro-needling can be used with our hyaluronic acid based synthetic serums, or with your very own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). PRP can be extracted from a small sample of your blood, and this 'liquid gold' contains stem cells, nutrients, platelets and growth factors which can supercharge healing.

Treating acne scars

Complimentary Consultation

At Aesthetique, you can book a complimentary no obligation consultation with our resident Dr Berry or one of our team, to assess your skin and your suitability for treatment. We will require you to have a full consultation prior to starting any treatment. Dr Berry is a cosmetic dental surgeon and an advanced aesthetic doctor who works between Aesthetique Skin Clinics and in practice in Harley Street. If you are happy with your plan then we can proceed with treatment.


If you are suitable for micro-needling as your treatment for acne scarring, then we usually recommend a course of three or more sessions over 6-8 months. Acne scars developed over many years and usually respond to a well-planned course of treatment rather than just a single session (although you will likely notice results after the first treatment.)


Prices are based on your individual needs, and are given to you at your no obligation consultation. There is a deposit required to book your consultation, but this can redeemed against treatment.


Full face treatment, called the "Vampire PRP Facial"

1 Session with Platelet Rich Plasma - £799


Course of 3 Sessions with PRP - £1999


Treatment prices
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