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The Ultimate Bespoke Facial


This year, we're excited to announce the most exclusive and most bespoke facial we've ever done! If you (or your loved one) are searching for the BEST facial you'll ever get, then look no further! This facial has been carefully designed, tried and tested, to work specifically for your skin, using only the highest quality and natural products from Cetuem Cosmetics, the products exclusively used by both of the most recent Miss England Winners! During your detailed skin assessment, your therapist will be able to tailor-make this facial to get you the best results for you. 


What's in the Facial?

Detailed Skin Assessment

Your therapist will firstly take a detailed skin and medical history, and take the time to assess your skin in detail. They'll also listen to any concerns you have with your skin, and understand the previous steps you've tried so far.

Eye Gel & Cream Application

Your therapist will then apply a targeted soothing and hydrating eye gel and cream, packed with vitamins, antioxidants and plant derived collagen to reduce the look of puffy and tired eyes.

Illuminating Skin Toning

Next, your skin will be gently toned with the most amazing illuminating toner, which prepares your skin to receive the incredible deeper aspects of the facial. 

pH Balancing Treatment

This amazing step uses a combination of AHA blend with honey pollen, allantoin, lavender and camphor pure essential oils assembled to cleanse and tone your skin, leaving your skin's pH balanced and pore size reduced.

Illuminating Prep Treatment of Face and Neck

Any further specific areas of concern will be targeted with the intensively activated illuminating prep treatment, for examples areas of pigmentation.

Illuminating Face & Eye Gel Mask

You'll then be pampered with a deeply nourishing illuminating mask which helps to feed your skin with the most incredible nutrients. 

Protection with Colloidal Gold Serum and Creme De Lite Moisturiser

The ultimate in colloidal gold serums will be applied in combination with the most creamy and luxurious Creme de Lite moisturiser, to leave your skin glowing and looking incredible.

Double Botanical Cleanse

Using the most natural botanical cleansers, your therapist will perform an industry leading double cleanse of your skin, to remove debris, impurities and pollution from the surface.

Deeper Illuminating Cleanse

Using the most effective illuminating cleanser, your therapist will then further clarify your skin to ensure that the working surface is as clean and bright as it can be.

Cane Gommage, Exfoliating Mask with Purified Steam

Your therapist will perform incredible natural exfoliation with Cane Gommage coupled with purified steam to help clear your clogged pores.

Specific Extractions

Any residual blocked pores and clogged areas will be delicated and carefully manipulated to exude any unwanted debris and material.

Illuminating Complex Treatment to the Face and Decollette

Your therapist will then gently apply an indulgent illuminating complex moisturiser which increases your skins luminosity and restores your skin's youthfullness.

Relaxing Massage

You'll drift into bliss with a relaxing face and shoulder massage, while gauze enriched with incredible illuminating serums penetrate into and soothe your skin.

The Ultimate Bespoke Facial

The total combined value for this truly Ultimate Bespoked Facial is over £250

But, for you this year we've been able to bring this down to an amazing:



The Ultimate
Bespoked Facial
Exclusively at
Aesthetique Clinics

What Our Clients Say


Holly Lewis

The best experience I had so far. Dr. Anish Berry is focused entirely on clients safety and welfare. I have had lip filler injections done by Dr. Anish and I couldn't be happier. The Dr is kind, conciderate and answered all my questions and put me at ease about my treatment. I will never go to anyone else for these treatments. The Dr is experienced professional and gets perfect results. Friendly staff at the reception desk. Clinic is kept clean at all times. Overall I am very happy with my treatment. All staff are polite and helpful.

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