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An intensive rich moisturiser that will help to brighten as well as help eliminate pigmentation, uneven skin tones caused by sun damage, hormonal, ageing or genetic influences.

The Illuminating Complex contains a very high concentration of SCR organic skin lightening complex, natural actives, ceramide oil and  enriched with vitamins C ester and E.

Suitable for severe Sallow, Uneven, Pigmented, Age Spots and Sun Damaged Skin as well as helping to diminish fine lines and improve the skins elasticity and texture.

The SCR Gold Illuminating Complex does not contain any detrimental bleaching or lightening ingredients.

The Illuminating Complex is Paraben free.

Illuminating Complex (50ml)

  • Natural clinically proven ingredients to help:

    Diminish uneven skin tone

    Eliminate sun damage

    Give clarity to sallow skin

    Brighten the skin

    Eradicate fine lines

    Regain skin elasticity

    Reverse signs of ageing

    Improve skin texture

    Promote a flawless complexion

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