Baby Botox infused facial

A True Celebrity Treatment

Signature Treatment

the benefits of the baby-botox facial

an aesthetique signature treatment

Signature Treatment

Treats Dry Skin

Treats Oily Skin

Targets Pigmentation

Collagen Induction

Reverses Ageing Skin

Improve skin elasticity/tone

Targets Scarring

Improves Dull Skin

Ultimate Rejuvenation

what to expect on the day of treatment

a true celebrity treatment

Signature Treatment


a true celebrity treatment

Signature Treatment

This exclusive treatment takes the principles of facials to a whole new level. Platelets are instrumental in the healing process, and can be used to turbo-charge collagen and elastin production for flawless regenerated skin. Baby-botox describes a tiny amount of Botox (anti-wrinkle product) which is infused into the product with hyaluronic acid, to add another element to this incredible treatment. The Baby-botox helps with improving fine lines/wrinkles, but with this method of administration can help with open pores and encourages smoother skin.
You will firstly have numbing cream applied topically to the face. After the normal cleansing process of a regular facial, we can then apply your amazing Baby-Botox infused product to the skin surface, and use an advanced microneedling Dermapen system to create tiny pinpricks across the face.  This incredible technique allows the infusion to rush into the skin, and a combination of many healing mechanisms over a couple of days leads to beautiful, glowing skin.
The Baby-Botox infused Facial will only be performed by our resident doctor, Dr Anish Berry, and he will have a detailed facial analysis with you prior to any treatment. Dr Anish Berry is a cosmetic dental surgeon and an advanced aesthetic doctor, who spends his time alternating between clinics at Aesthetique and in the Harley Street District.