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An intensive pH Step 1 Rinse Off Cleanser for open pores and problematic skin.

The SCR Gold pH Step 1 Rinse Off Cleanser is an excellent daily wash in an AHA Blend with honey pollen, allantoin, lavender and camphor pure essential oils.

The pH Cleanser is SLS and Paraben Free.

pH Cleanser (125ml)

  • Use morning & night. (Shake bottle well)

    Moisten the skin with luke warm water and add a few drops of the pH Cleanser directly to the skin, or if preferred apply onto damp cleansing sponges, gently circulate, avoid the eye area.Rinse off well and gently pat dry, always follow with the SCR Gold pH Step 2 Lotion. 

    For Intensive Hydrating Results:

    Follow with the SCR Gold Original Skin Cleanser.

    If there are signs of uneven skin tone or you are looking for a brighter skin complexion apply the SCR Gold Illuminating Skin Cleanser.

    Always proceed with the correct SCR Gold Skin Toner.  SCR Gold Serum is always recommended followed by the appropriate moisturiser.

  • An excellent daily wash for problematic skins such as acne, open pores, blemishes, eczema, psoriases or rosacea.

    Helps to unblock congestion in the pores.

    Helps to close open pores.

    Effectively removes all traces of make-up.Ideal as an all over daily body wash cleanser for all skin conditions.

    Ideal for both men and women. 

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