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Cane Gommage

A gentle yet highly effective natural exfoliant, skin firming and lifting leave on mask.

The SCR Gold Cane Gommage is a natural multi funcational purpose mask made with natural glucose and is rich in both pure bees wax and carnuba wax.

The Gommage is further enriched with hyaluronic acid, vitamin E , allantoin and essential oils to give this mask its unique performance .

The Cane Gommage is Paraben free.

Cane Gommage (50ml)

  • Thoroughly removes surface dead skin cells naturally.

    Natural skin peel.

    Ideal for fragile or sensitive skin.

    Helps to calm and soothe the skin.

    Restores a firmer, lifted and a more radiant skin tone.

    May be blended with the SCR Gold Serum to give a firming and lifting effect.

    Enriched with hydrating, firming and lifting properties.

  • As an exfoliant for sensitive or stressed skins: 

    Use once or twice a week.

    Dampen face, neck and décolleté area with Sensitive Skin Toner, apply a small amount of Cane Gommage directly onto the skin, gently massage until the Gommage changes in texture, continue to rub off the particles. Continue by spraying a light application of Sensitive Skin Toner and conclude with  the SCR Gold Serum followed by the SCR Gold moisturiser of your choice. 

    As a Lifting and Firming leave on treatment:

    Blend a small amount of Cane Gommage with your daily application of SCR Gold Serum and SCR moisturiser, always massage in well.

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