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An excellent remedial treatment cream for spots and blemishes.

The SCR Gold Anti Blemish Balm is made with pure plant marine extracts, bentonite, pure borage oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and the essential oils of lavender, sandalwood and camomile enriched with pure vitamin E.

The Anti Blemish Balm is Paraben Free.

Anti-Blemish Balm (15ml)

  • Helps to calm and progessively eliminate spots and  blemishes.

    Helps to soothe, calm and heal irratated skin conditions.

    Helps alleviate symptoms linked to such skin conditions as acne, eczema and psorises..

    Has an almost immediate effect in reducing irritation or redness.

    Rich on calming and healing properties.

  • Use by smoothing Anti Blemish Balm between your fingers to warm and to soften the product. This enables the balm to be evenly distributed onto the effected areas.

    Apply and gently massage thoroughly to blemishes, very reactive, sensitive or reddened areas

    Cetuem Tip:

    The Anti Blemish Balm can be applied several times a day if the skin is irritated.

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